Good communication

Good communication

Developing a positive relationship

As your child gets older, good communication will make it easier for you to talk to them about things like school, growing up, friendships and problems. This is the time when they will need your support and guidance - you will probably be the first person they will turn to if they need to talk. During this time your child will look on you as an example of how to behave and your opinion is very important. Trust is key, if your child trusts you they will confide in you and tell you things you may need to know. If you are offhand, too busy or tell others when you have promised not to, they won’t!

As children develop and mix with others they develop a range of interpersonal skills that will become the foundations of their personality.

Children often need help or guidance interacting with others appropriately, to overcome shyness or to manage and understand their emotions and feelings.

Top tips

  1. Always be interested in their day.

  2. Pay attention to them and keep eye contact to show you are listening.

  3. Sit down for family meals.

  4. Don’t dismiss the little things they tell you about.

  5. Always listen to their side of the story if there are any arguments or rows going on.

  6. Praise them when they do well.

  7. Be as open and honest as possible with them.

  8. Don’t interrupt when they are trying to tell you something.

  9. Ask their opinion on something that’s important to you both.

  10. Tell them stories about when you were younger.


Backchatting (also called back talk) and arguing is universal - all children do it at some point. And all parents hate it! Arguing back or backchat is a normal part of your child’s development. It’s a way for them to assert their growing independence. The trick is to respond in such a way that your child realises it isn’t going to help them get what they want.


My child does not want to tell me things.


Could this be because they feel you are not listening?


Take time, somewhere quiet where you can sit and chat in private.